ISP Scrapbook.

ISP Foster Carers: Ten Year Achievements

ISP decided to honour our foster carers who had achieved 10 years with ISP. This was the first cohort of carers in 2005. We had a celebratory lunch in the garden of Tunstall Court in Sittingbourne where we awarded them holiday vouchers for a well earned break.

Reflecting, Connecting and Belonging

By John Whitwell | ISP Conference Introduction, 1st Feb, 2002. An introduction to ISP’s internal day conference. Why do I think a day like this is important for ISP? When a child comes into a family it’s obvious that how that family functions will have an important effect on that child. When a child comes […]

The Story of Being ‘Looked After’

By William Gilroy and John Hills | Published in Context 94, December 2007, pp.21-23. Just after Easter I got a phone call out of the blue from a William Gilroy. He reminded me we had had therapy sessions together a few years ago which he had remembered when going through his social services file. He […]

ISP’s senior management team 2011

ISP’s senior management team in 2011. From left to right there is Tracy Livesey (Head of Fostering), Toni Reedman (Head of Mainstream Education), John Whitwell (Managing Director), Jayne Westcott (Operations Director), Craig Walter (Head of ISP School) and Nick West (Head of Property and Facilities).

ISP’s Senior Management Team, 1999

This was ISP’s senior management team that I joined in 1999. From left to right: Suzanne Fallon (Deputy CEO), Elaine Holliday (Head of Therapy), John Whitwell (CEO), Ian Butler (Director), Karin Henderson (Head of Fostering), Brigidin Gorman (Founder Director), and Richard Long (Company Secretary).

ISP’s Board and Senior Management Team, 2001

Every year ISP’s Board of Directors had an awayday to consider the development plan for ISP. In 2001 the Board met with the SMT to undertake this work. Seated from left to rate: Suzanne Fallon, Richard Long, Elizabeth Cairns and Robyn Barr. Standing from left to right: John Whitwell, Sam Field (Chairman), Les Algar, Jayne […]