John’s Blog.

Somerford Keynes Parish Council’s Report.

You may wonder why I’ve included a report about Somerford Keynes Parish Council on this website. I have just completed six years on the council, the last few as Chair. I have been surprised by the complexity of the dynamics that I’ve tried to understand and withstand. There is inevitably a turnover of people on […]

Windsor Conference 11th Nov ’19

When I was Principal of the Cotswold Community I regularly attended the Association of Therapeutic Communities annual residential conference held at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, usually in mid-September and lasting three days. I think I attended every year from 1986-98. I found it to be an inspiring event, a chance to meet and discuss […]

The story of the Cotswold Bruderhof (14 October 2018)

On my website there are various items about the Cotswold Bruderhof, which occupied the site that later became known as the Cotswold Community. These were obtained in piecemeal fashion over the years so there were bound to be gaps about the formation, establishment and demise of this Christian community. So it was with considerable interest […]

The early days of the Cotswold Community (5th October 2018)

One of the bonuses of having this website is that I occasionally receive an email from an ex-staff member or young person (who would now be middle-aged) who once resided at the Cotswold Community. As a result of sharing their experience another bit of the jigsaw, as to what it was like then, falls into […]

The Mulberry Bush’s AGM and 70th Anniversary

On Friday 6th July ’18 I attended the Mulberry Bush’s AGM which also coincided with their 70th anniversary and the launch of a book charting their history and current practice. It was also an occasion to show off their new household, the Burrow, purpose built to accommodate a small group of children who need to be […]

John’s Second Post

Now that I’m retired I have time to read all sorts of things that I would have passed by when working. In our local Parish Magazine there is a regular column, “Farming Matters”, written by a local farmer, David Ball. In the current issue he describes the farming calendar with information I wasn’t fully aware […]

JW’s First Blog

I have now been retired for four years and, apart from being a trustee of the Mulberry Bush Organisation, have not been involved with the provision of therapeutic care for children and young people during that time. Consequently I am unlikely to write any more papers about therapeutic care. However, I plan to occasionally write […]