On Archive Entry ‘Principles of the Cotswold Community’

Received from Barrie Kemp | Added to the site February 2024.

Hello John

I have read some of the papers on this website and the archive today (18th February 2024), including the ‘principles’ document.

Back in 1986 – 1988, I was on secondment to the Special Education section of the Education Department of the Bedfordshire County Council. Part of my role was to review and then sign the papers for the admission of a small number of Bedfordshire children to out-of-county residential special schools. One of these schools was the Cotswold Community. I was so impressed with the ‘Principles’ document that I kept a photocopy of it for many years, and added the CC to my list of future potential career moves….. I never did make that move, but now after a 35 year career in special education, I am settling in to a community of ‘mature’ residents in North Bedfordshire. Thank you for your website and the archive that keeps the memory of the CC’s work alive.

The Principles of The Cotswold Community is a document included in the Archive Material from the work of the Cotswold Community