On ‘The Beginnings of the Cotswold Community’

Received from Bill Preston | Added to the site August 2012.
Comments on archive entry – The Beginnings of the Cotswold Community

“I was boy at the Cotswold School between 1960 – 1963.
I have just read “The Beginnings of the Cotswold Community” where an account is given of life in the school prior to it’s conversion to a therapeutic community. I have to say I do not recognise a lot of what was described. The bullying was not a real problem, and no worse than in any type of school. There was sexual activities but this was to be expected amongst young boys facing puberty and exploring their sexuality. Worse was the sexual abuse I endured at the hands of a member of staff and being severely caned when I reported it. The market garden so derided was an excellent resource for the school and many lads learned a lot working there, as I did working on the farm and in the dairy. I later went to work in the kitchen, where I formed a good relationship with the Chef who taught me a lot. I was doing that work when I was discharged in 1963. I cannot say I was a happy child, or that I enjoyed my stay at the Cotswold School, but it was nowhere near as bad as painted in the article and I did have lots of good times. I can only assume it must have changed a lot between March 1963 when I left and when it was converted to a therepeutic community. I would like to see the record put straight but don’t suppose after all these anyone is really interested.”