Management Consultancy at The Cotswold Community

Isabel E.P. Menzies, Centre for Applied Social Research, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations | May 1972
A Note from John

This short paper by Isabel Menzies Lyth was written at the time of the responsibility for the Cotswold Community being transferred from the Rainer Foundation to Wiltshire County Council. It was a major change with significant internal ramifications, which Isabel refers to. By setting out her role as a consultant she was communicating to WCC the seriousness of the work she was undertaking and the possibility that it would be needed in the long term. This paper also provides a useful context to the Working Notes that can be found in the Archives section of this website

The short paper, Management Consultancy at The Cotswold Community, has been scanned from a typed original and is included on the site in PDF format.
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