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The Therapeutic Communities journal, volume 32, no 4, Winter 2011 is dedicated to the work of the Cotswold Community, which closed earlier that year. During the 1970′s and ’80′s the Community pioneered therapeutic care and education for emotionally unintegrated teenagers. Much of the learning which took place then is highly relevant today as we currently worry about substandard care so this edition of the journal is definitely worth a read.

You can preview an electronic version of the journal here. This will open a PDF in a new window. To order a hard copy of the journal and for further details on subscription, click here to send an email to Therapeutic Communities.

This site is a way of making  papers available and sharing other materials from my work in child care.


I have worked in the child care field since I graduated in 1969.  By far the longest period and most formative was at the Cotswold Community from 1972 – 1999.  I joined ISP – Integrated Services Programme – in 1999.

During my period at the Cotswold Community, and especially after 1985 when I became Principal, I wrote several papers which were mainly published in the journal, “Therapeutic Communities”.  This meant they had a pretty narrow readership, hence the wish to make them accessible here.

I have also gathered a variety of material which can be found in the “Scrapbook” section.   The Cotswold Community used to have a library of papers which were used extensively in staff training.  It was an invaluable resource and so I have tried to create an electronic version of this library.  I have had the privilege of working with, and learning from, some amazing people and I hope that this personal archive will be of interest to others and give a flavour of a way of working and thinking which is less prevalent now.

I am conscious of the fact that there is less material from my time with ISP.  I am in the thick of ISP’s day-to-day life which makes it more difficult to stand back.  It is easier for me to look back over my time at the Cotswold Community and lift out what I believe to be of value.  This will be an evolving website so there will be more material from ISP as time goes by.

“Your superb website continues your contribution to goodness knows how many practitioners and as you know I have taken wisdom from it to use at Kitezh.”
David Dean OBE
Therapeutic Education Consultant to Kitezh,
a Russian therapeutic residential community for children.