Miscellaneous Material.

Nurses Under Stress – Isabel Menzies Lyth for the Nursing Times

By Isabel Menzies Lyth | Originally published in Nursing Times, 1961 I. Nursing Times, 3 February The matron of a general teaching hospital asked us to assist her colleagues and herself in developing a new method of allocating student nurses to practical work. While engaged on this task we became interested in other aspects of […]

Obituaries: Dr. Maxwell Jones

By D.M.H. Jones & Prof. Terence Morris.| August 1990. Maxwell Jones pioneered techniques of great value in the treatment of those with mental illness or under stress. The main thrust of his work was as an innovator of therapeutic community techniques, but he extended his vision of change to community psychiatry and to education. Jones’s […]

Wilfred Bion: An Appreciation and Some Reminiscences

By Margaret J. Rioch | Published in Group Analysis, 16(3), December 1983. It was my privilege to know Wilfred Bion in the last decade of his life. Since I did not know him earlier, I must leave it to others to explain, if anyone can, how he became the remarkable person he was. When I […]