The Blues is a Healer

By John Hills | Published in Context 117, the publication of the Association for Family Therapy, October 2011.

A voyage of exploration in the delta of darkness and light, black and white.

“[…] I wanted to pay homage to the heroes and heroines from my adolescence that helped influence and sustain me in my encounters with life, personally and professionally. These mentors and their work often raised me from the depths of my own occasional depressions, troubles and sorrows, and gave me a full and universal language for describing what we now all call our ‘blues’. It is a musical form of raw yet beautiful expressiveness.

I’m not discounting my learning from the pioneering figures of psychoanalysis and family psychotherapy. These highly educated, mostly male, innovating members of the white European intellectual elites had much to enlighten my understanding. However, they never quite got inside my skin to reach whatever it is we call ‘soul’ in the way that these bluesmen and women did…”
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