George Lyward – BBC Radio 4 ‘Great Lives’

From the Introduction…

Aged sixteen and struggling with his sexuality, Tom Robinson attempted to take his own life. Following a series of assessments and tests, he was interviewed for Finchden Manor, a therapeutic community which Robinson describes as the “last chance saloon.” Under the stewardship of George Lyward, Finchden Manor was an unconventional place that gave boys the freedom to work through their issues and “help them to shape their futures.”

In Great Lives, musician and broadcaster Tom Robinson tells Matthew Parris how educationalist George Lyward saved his life. Former Finchden teacher Dr Norman Alm provides expert assistance. Lyward’s work is also assessed in the context of last Summer’s riots, and Matthew asks what should society do with its troubled teens?

George Lyward – BBC Radio 4 ‘Great Lives’ is available to listen to here, via the Radio 4 website.