On The Cotswold Community…

Received from Jill Brew Cutler | Added to the site April 2017.

“As bizarre as this may seem, last night I had a dream about a boy I used to “care” for in the Cotswold Community , which was an out of the blue thing. I decided that i should use the power of Google seeing this as serendipity. Anyway, not having much success I Googled the Cotswold Community and stumbled across your website. Needless to say it brought back fond memories. I really enjoyed your website and I like the articles and links to other relevant sites.

I am unsure if you remember Colin and I? As an CC occupational hazard we met there and continue to plod on in life here in Cairns Australia. Colin when in the UK went on to work as an Art Psychotherapist but that was way too specialised for Australia so he did the practical thing for our children and re-qualified as a teacher to get support the family in the school holidays!! He never taught as a teacher but they utilised his behaviour management expertise and has been instrumental in supporting schools in this region develop their behaviour support strategies etc. I have been involved in family therapy work and for the last 10 years have been working in remote aboriginal communities in Far north Queensland which has been a huge learning curve.

Our two children are grown and Ewan, born while at the community, has a film business and Ailsa has traveled and now settled into nursing.

I always thought one of the things that bound Colin and I together was and is our shared values and those that were reflected in our work together at the community. We have fond memories of the friends we made and still have and the work went onto to influence all that I do.”