On Archive Entry ‘Greenacres’

Received from Stephanie Rampton | Added to the site December 2011.
Comments on archive entry – Greenacres

“I just read your ‘critique’ of Greenacres. I need to read it again at leisure in order to fully digest, it but it resonated.
I was 21 with no experience in therapeutic care when I arrived at Springfield in 1980. Stuart was quite a character, inspirational and slightly eccentric! My first task on the wintery night I arrived was to pick brussel sprouts for dinner. I think it was a perfect initiation.
Greenacres is burned into my mind and I think of it often. Happy memories and quite a few traumatic memories. It wasn’t a perfect place but I hope at least some of the kids remember it as a good place where they were loved. I still remember the kids and all their names.… I wish I knew where they are now.

Thanks for sharing your view of Greenacres… good to know the place is not forgotten.”