On The Cotswold Community…

Received from Nick Maslen | Added to the site January 2016.

“I came across your website today. I worked at the Cotswold Community for just 6 months January to June 1979. At that time you were acting principal as Richard Balbernie was on long term sick leave.

It wasn’t a great time in my life, having come out of a long term relationship I decided that I needed to make other changes to address the loss. As it turned out my change of job was probably not my wisest decision. It did however propel me on to a BSc Behavioural Science degree course at Huddersfield Polytechnic and to a subsequent career within the voluntary sector.

I still remember my time at the Cotswold Community vividly and I am now very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with such a committed group of people who had a very clear understanding of the task in hand and clarity about how it was best tackled. I have taken this insight with me throughout my career in the Voluntary Sector – Citizens Advice Bureau – Housing Association and for the past 21 years Age UK.

I am sorry to read that the Community is now closed but the impact on the boys you supported and the staff that you employed is still alive today. Thank you.”