Guest Speakers and Visitors to the Cotswold Community

Twice a year the Cotswold Community held a Study Day for staff and in the afternoon session we invited a guest speaker to present a paper.
It amazed me that such eminent people agreed to do this.

The photos of the guest speakers are: Peter Wilson (then Director of Young Minds), Dr Anton Obholzer and Sebastian Kraemer from the Tavistock Clinic, Dr Arnon Bentovim (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist), Melvyn Rose (Peper Harow Foundation), and Robin Reeves (Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist).

Other visitors included: Alan Worthington (Director of Thornby Hall), John Cross (Planned Environment Therapy Trust), Jorgen Steen Christiansen (Psychologist at Egevang therapeutic children’s home, Copenhagen), Alan Lamb (Summerhill School) and the Trilith team who made two films about the Cotswold Community.