Members of the Management Team and Managing Body

Every morning, 365 days a year, the Cotswold Community held a management meeting.
It was an important mechanism to ensure that there was good communication between all parts of the community.

On the 27th July 1998 a photo was taken to mark Angus Burnett’s last morning meeting.
From left to right was Patrick Tomlinson, Jim Hamil, Dave Cooper, Pat Hancock, Chris Phillips, Angus Burnett, Steve Lund, Chris Knight, Claire Lund, Peter Millar and John Whitwell.

The next photo is of Pat Hancock (Bursar) and Bridget Morse (Administrator).

Jack Ainslie was the Chairman of the Managing Body and Joan Railston-Brown was an independent member of the Managing Body.
The Managing Body was a sub-committee of the Social Services Committee (Wiltshire CC) and comprised elected members of the Council and independent members brought in for their expertise.

Chris Knight was Head of Group Living and Linda Frost was the Principal’s Secretary.