Russian visitors to the Cotswold Community in 1992

In 1992, a Russian delegation visited the Cotswold Community. This photograph was taken at Kemble railway station.
Linda Frost (third from the left) and John Whitwell (extreme right) met the Russian delegation at the beginning of their fact finding mission.

The Delegates

Mr Sanal BADMAIEV – Deputy Minister of Education.
Mr Murat Petrovitch BIZIEV – Principal of Vladycaucasus Specail School.
Mrs E V KHAMKHOVA – Deputy Director, The Centre of Social Adaptation for Children with Special Needs, Moscow.
Mr Vadim Albertovitch KUKARTSEV – Principal of Tver Special School.
Mr Gennady Borisovitch MAKHAROV – Head of the Main Rehabilitation Department of the Russian Ministry of Education.
Mr Vadim Albertovitch RODIONOV – Main Specialist of the Russian Ministry of Education.
Mrs Galina Nikolaevna TROSTANETSKAYA – Chief of Special Schools of the Russian Ministry of Education
Dr Valeri Vladimirovitch VELYANICHEV – The Child Pyschiatrist of Vologda Region Hospital
Mrs Irina Vladimirovna ZAKORIUKINA – Personal Assistant and Interpreter