Three-year Training Programme in Therapeutic Child Care

At the Cotswold Community, from the word go, training groups were an important feature of staff support and development. In the early days these were largely run by Barbara Dockar-Drysdale and Richard Balbernie. We then gradually introduced the idea of keeping the groups together by the year of entry. When Patrick Tomlinson joined the senior management team in the early 1990s he set about organising the training into a 3 year course of study. This was influenced by the MA in Therapeutic Child Care at Reading University (a training which Patrick had undertaken) and I believe Adrian Ward had some input into the design of the training. Through developing links with the Caldecott College (it no longer exists), which in turn had a partnership arrangement with Greenwich University, we were able to issue our staff with a Diploma in Therapeutic Child Care upon completion of the 3 year training.
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