Looking After Yourself, Helping Each Other – How can yoga support foster carers?

NAFP/ISP Project Evaluation

Looking After Yourself – the new pilot

“NAFP began a project in January 2014 which aimed to pilot an innovative approach to promoting carers’ wellbeing.
ISP, an independent sector fostering provider, has always taken a therapeutic approach to foster care and given high priority to foster carer support.
Their centre in Teynham, Kent has a school on-site which offers places to children and young people who are outside mainstream education. Carers can work closely with teachers at the school to manage more challenging behaviour, and they also have access to a therapist for the looked after child or young person, for themselves and for other members of their family.
In addition, the manager at Teynham holds group supervision sessions once a fortnight to compliment the individual supervision that carers receive. These sessions take the form of a lunch, with the idea that coming together to share a meal provides an opportunity for foster carers to talk, exchange ideas and help each other. These sessions have been very successful, and there are regularly 20 carers who take part. It was felt that the general approach taken by this provider, and the established ‘carer lunch’ group made it a good place to try something new…”
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